Your Questions, My Answers

Here you will find a list of some of the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not among them, just contact me using the form on the next page.

Scottish Wire-strung Lapharp

We are planning a reception and need music selections that appeal to people of all ages. Can you do that? Harp music ranges from Bach to Disney. We can make them happy.
What kinds of events do you do? Practically any kind of event (including background music).

How much do you charge? This depends on many factors: location, time of day, length of program, special requests, costumes and so on. To enquire about fees email

We would like to meet you in person and hear you play and then decide if we want you. In person is always best. Just contact Island Harp, for an appointment.


What kind of space do you need to perfom on the harp? Not much. About five feet square (25 sq. ft.) will do nicely. More space and a low platform will give a stronger visual impact, but it is not at all necessary.


Why are the strings different colors? So you can tell what note to play.


Do your fingers hurt when you play? When you first begin to practice the harp the fingers are very sore and blistered. Within a few days, however, the fingertips grow tough with callouses. After that they seldom hurt except when you play for several hours.


Do you need help moving the harp? Yes, two men, but one will do. The harp is mainly awkward. It only weighs around 75 pounds.


Do you need a deposit? Yes, half of the total (non-refundable) to reserve the date and the other half when I arrive for the performance.


What kind of equipment do you provide? Do we have to provide anything else? The harp, a small bench, a music stand and music is provided by me. Amplification generally isn't used because the sound of the harp carries wonderfully. If you should decide to employ amplification, that's fine. Just tell the technician that a standing microphone works well for harp.

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